studio_mufufu_members Naohiro Mizushima

-before studying architecture,
Naohiro studied and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Commerce and worked
at Japan’s telegram and telephone corporation as a system designer and
service his interest and passion towards ‘monozukuri’
(making things, the ethos and the process ) grew,
he began studing architecture and graduated from University of East London,
Diploma in Architecture in 2010.
Naohiro has been working at Matheson & Whiteley Architects, based in London,
and has been involved in projects of different scales from furniture to buildings.
In 2012, he began Studio Mufufu with Masataka Teranishi and Sanae Mizushima.

Masataka Teranishi

Masataka studied in Management Informatics and worked at an advertisement
agency before obtaining his degree in architecture from Kyoto University
of Art and Design.
He has been working at Hisashi Hara Architect, based in Tokyo and is a
class 2 qualified architect.
Masataka won the “Revitalizing Honganji Aqueduct Idea Competition” in 2012.

Sanae Mizushima

Sanae studied International Communication, majoring in Sociology.
She worked as a PR, Licensing coordinator in a fashion industry
and a marketing research analyst at a marketing consulting agency.
In 2010, she graduated from University of East London with a Bachelor
of Science degree in Architecture. She obtained first class honours and
was nominated for a RIBA president’s medals student award.
Sanae has since been working at Haworth Tompkins Architect, in London,
involved in primarily residential schemes.

Jun Kondo